FOIA 2012 Information and Order Form

The Local Government Officials’ Guide to the Virginia Freedom of
Information Act was first issued in 1996. This 5th edition of the guide,
published in 2012, has been rewritten and expanded to include all of
the changes to the act effective July 1, 2012.

The guide explains
the Virginia Freedom of Information Act in a clear, readable format of
over 100 questions and answers.  Information is arranged under six broad

  • Who is covered by the act?
  • What is considered a public ‘meeting’?
  • When are closed meetings permissible?
  • To what public records does the act apply?
  • What happens if someone violates the act?
  • What are other sources of FOIA information?

guide gives public officials the knowledge they need to ensure that
public business is carried out with public access, to the fullest extent
permissible under the law.

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