Community Outreach & Assistance

Units of the Weldon Cooper Cooper Center for Public provide a variety of programmatic and customized outreach services to individual citizens, groups and organizations in the Commonwealth.
A sampling of these outreach services is listed below.

  • Works with groups and communities to design civic leadership programs to meet your needs
  • Trains citizens to convene and conduct deliberative forums
  • Provides trained moderators and facilitators to conduct deliberative dialogues
  • Links deliberative practitioners and LeadershipPlenty facilitators
  • VASTAT database
  • Virginia Newsletter
  • Reporting on the economic state for business and local government
  • Provides assistance to local, state, national, and international organizations in initiating and managing professional practice internships in the public, non-profit and private sectors.
  • Provides qualified, pre-screened U.Va. student interns to assist in sponsoring organizations in their delivery of services to clients and the community.